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Skin Care at Burlington Laser Clinic

Clayton Shagal


Daily Cleansing

Cleanse and Prepare the Skin
Discover gently cleansing for a healthier clean feel with ph-neutral cleansers that remove daily impurities, oil and makeup. Encourage skill cell turnover and reduce clogged pores caused by dead skin cell build up with exfoliants suited for your skin. Daily cleansing and occasional exfoliation prepares the skin for nutrients and enhances the natural glow of the skin. 

Nourish the Deep Skin Layers

Clayton Shagal Skin Care Products work to enhance the fundamental components of the skin: collagen, elastin and moisture.

70% of the skin is made of collagen. 2-4% is made of elastin. With age and damage, the natural production of collagen and elastin weakens. Both proteins work together to increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture and strengthen the skin from within.|

While collagen keeps the skin hydrated, elastin keeps the skin firm. Clayton Shagal Skin Care products:

• Restore skin hydration
• Improve skin tone, texture and clarity
• Tighten and reduce pore size
• Increase oxygenation & circulation
• Accelerate skin recovery

Clayton Shagal Daily Cleansing

Strengthen the Surface Skin Layers

Healthy skin sustains moisture in balanced proportions. Clayton Shagal surface moisturizers replicate the skin’s natural Moisturizing factors and hydrate the top layers of the skin. Protect against moisture loss and free radicals with a Clayton Shagal Moisturizer.


Skeyndor is the No. 1 skincare brand in Spain and is today rated as one of the top fifteen cosmetic brands in the world. The brand is present in over 45 countries through a network of 40 international distributors. Skeyndor offers over 200 products to a variety of skin care needs and these revolutionary products are widely used in spas, professional Medical Aesthetic Clinics and homes from Canada to New Zealand.


Each line has its own objectives and one cannot argue that Skeyndor’s anti-aging solutions are premier. Also to mention is its Botu-xsolution, which is an elaborate alternate solution vs. facial injections. While the men’s line is a perfect match for today’s active, dynamic man. All products in Skeyndor skin care line are practical, easy-to-use, and effective with your skin problems. Offering the real alternative to surgical treatments in an NON-INVASIVE technology, Corrective is treatment inspired in the world’s most prestigious medical – aesthetic therapies, created and formulated to treat the deepest wrinkles.

Skeyndor Eternal Line is a luxurious and powerful facial treatment delivering immediate and long term results for ageing and damaged skin. Using Award winning Apple Plant Stem Cell Extracts, the Eternal Youth treatment offers multi-action, regenerating benefits smoothing out wrinkles and lines


brush on sun screen

Mineral Sunscreen Brush

We never compromise in our commitment to protecting skin. with sunforgettable you can achieve high-performance UV protection SPF 30 and 50.

Sunforgettable is a prestige suncare line enriched with superior skin care and exceptional color that blends with one’s natural complexion.

Our 100% healthy, doctor-approved products provide award-winning protection in a cosmetic formula., and include enough naturally breathable zinc and titanium to protect even a baby’s face.

Sunforgettable delivers both perfection and protection, ensuring the beauty of your skin today and tomorrow.

Our 100% healthy sunscreen is revolutionary (and famous) because it is suncare, skincare and natural colour all-in-one.


skin care awards

Even Up

Skin Perfection

Combines the benefits of a highly effective skin-brightening UV complex, with a luxurious primer and a superior sun protector, for beauty that lasts.

  1. Skin-brightening UV complex, LUMIRA addresses underlying causes of uneven skin tone.
  2. Immediate cosmetic benefits.
  3. Fortified with sun protection, SPF 50.

This 3-in-1 proprietary formula instantly neutralizes the appearance of redness, helps soothe and calm sensitive skin, and provides SPF 50 protection while its patent pending BioSolace™ complex helps provide ongoing relief from sensitivity and the appearance of redness.

Awarded Best Day Cream for Sensitive Skin

– O, The Oprah Magazine’s
Fall Beauty O-Wards

Everything your skin needs, Nothing it doesn’t.


Even Up

'I always talked about having my back Lasered and my sister referred me to West 5th. I was so nervous arriving for my first appointment. Once I arrived I felt relaxed, atmosphere was calming and Technician was very informative about my treatment. I highly recommend this place.'
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'Saw Jo last week for some hair removal can’t wait till my next appointment. HAIR FREE here I come lol! Also people on my Christmas List are receiving Gift’s of hair free Certificates. My experience with Jo was top notch. Her Clinic is beautiful and relaxing. Great Gift idea for any occasion.'
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