Pink Intimate System Sensitive Area Skin Lightening

pink intimate

So what is the Pink Intimate System?
It is actually a treatment to lighten up sensitive areas of skin namely around the genitalia, anus, nipples and arm pits. This is not a treatment to be done on the face. I have been searching for a good product to do these sensitive areas as some of the whitening agents can be pretty irritating and are restricted to other parts of the body.

So, why is it important?
There are a lot of women who have darkening of the armpits, pubic area, perineum and inner thighs especially when they are a skin type IV i.e. neither fair nor dark. Most of the time, it is due to constant friction of these areas i.e. the rubbing of skin over skin causing slight irritation and thus darkening. Sometimes, it is post waxing, or even IPL or plucking. Others are due to post inflammation reaction to things like acne or folliculitis especially around the pubis area. Furthermore, as a women ages, her perineum, genitalia and nipples start to darken especially post pregnancy. There is no one treatment in the market that actually handles these problems safely until this product came out. Prior to this, we use to do a combination of superficial peels and brightening solutions but this comes with risk of skin irritation and worsening post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
About the Procedure.

sensitive area skin lightening

This is an in clinic procedure, where the area is cleaned and dried and the solution is applied. The whole procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, without any downtime, or pain and thus can be done during lunchtime. It is basically like doing a chemical peel on the face, and despite being very safe, needs to be done in office. You will see an immediate improvement but you need to have a minimum of 4-6 sessions (depending on how dark the pigmentation area is, some even up to 8-10 times weekly) for the results to last. The interval for each session is 7-10 days and after you get the result you want, you are advised to come for monthly maintenance.

So how does it work?
The combination of the ingredients inside this concoction allows the whitening products to penetrate deep into the dermis. It also has a tightening effect, so it also tightens up the skin around the groin, and vagina. Similarly, it whitens armpits and nipples. Some women experience darkening of nipples after pregnancy. This system helps to return the pinkness.

Who can do it?
Anyone above the age of 18, Male or Female. For men, we can use the system to brighten up the groin and testes area and also the perianal and armpits. For women it would be a good and safe method to lighten up those darken areas, underarms, nipples, pubis. labia majora and inner thigh. For really fair people, you may not see much difference, unless the pigmentation you have is very obvious.
• Non-Invasive Treatment
• Mesotherapy
• No Downtime
• Painless
• FDA Approved

male and female


Lifting, Whitening, Peeling and Tightening
• Kojic Acid – An ingredient extracted from fermented rice grains that whiten the skin.
• Modulated Chlorotic Acid with Urea Peroxide Increases skin permeability, allowing for more effective absorption for whitening and tightening.
• Retinol – Promotes collagen release at the dermal level.
• Rucinol c B-resorcinol – Synthetic molecule capable of eliminating hyperpigmentation reducing the production of melanin.
• Glutathione – An effective whitening agent with strong antioxidant.

Regenerating, Bio-stimulating, Nourishing and Soothing
• Vitamin B12 – Reduces redness, dryness and helps increase cell production of the skin.
• Bisabolol – Intended for sensitive skin. Soothes and calms skin irritation
• Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract – For anti-inflammation.
• Genistein – Stimulates fibroblasts and other dermal structures of the intimate area.
• Papaine – For improving skin quality and texture and has a light exfoliation and whitening action.
Since this treatment is new in the market and a lot of my patients has been asking for this treatment we are offering intro packages. Say good bye to those dark armpits and nether regions. Regain the confidence without having to worry about the pigmentation. Let’s do it in a safe and clinically proven way.

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