La Maison Clayton Shagal

La Maison Clayton Shagal is a Canadian manufacturer of advanced skin care formulated in Germany. The formulations of their line are based on German pharmaceutical treatment products used in hospitals and clinics designed for the treatment of skin ailments such as burns, psoriasis, and the symptoms of aging.


La Maison Clayton Shagal is recognized as creating the “purest form of collagen ever extracted commercially” and can reach the skin’s dermis through topical application, not injection.Topical application supplies the skin with marcromolecular proteins of this extracted collagen, which is 99% pure and completely compatible with human skin.

clayton shagal products

The products of the La Maison Clayton Shagal skincare line are odourless, making them suitable for all skin types, including those highly sensitive to fragrance. They are designed to provide a number of rejuvenative benefits, including restoring the skin’s ability to retain moisture, normalizing healthy functions, reducing excess oil production and eliminating trapped toxins.

The results achieved are numerous: tighter pores, improved tone, softer texture, as well as the reduction of stretchmarks, wrinkles and pigmentation irregularities. Healing of inflamationtion and other trauma to the skin may also be facilitated.

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