How Does CBD Pain Relief Work

How does the Quanta Process work?

Our patented technology uses Quantum physics to enhance existing energy in naturally occurring molecules. This added energy increases the speed of the molecule pushing it to your receptors faster and block out unwanted molecules. This results in a cleaner, energized experience with little to no side effects.


Quanta CBD Muscle Rub is a premium organic product infused with CBD (Cannabidiol), arnica, turmeric, and a proprietary blend of essential oils for maximum anti-inflammatory relief. Packed with pain-fighting ingredients, our product works synergistically to increase circulation, ease aches and pains, and provide maximum relief, comfort, and overall well-being.

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Quanta Muscle Rub For Fast Pain Relief. Whether you’re an athlete, a gardener, or your muscles are just showing their age, this sore muscle rub is the answer. It uses natural soothing, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving essential oils with CBD to give achy muscles the care they need.

CBD is non-intoxicating meaning it doesn’t get you high. Generally speaking, a daily dosage of CBD works wonders for overall health. If you have muscle soreness or joint problems for instance, CBD muscle rubs can be the difference between being happy and disgruntled throughout the day.

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