AAPE Hair and Skin

AAPE Hair and Skin AAPE Hair APPE is mixture of refined growth factors extracted from human adipose-derived stem cells conditioned media and induces proliferation of dermal papilla cells of human hair follicles to make hair regrow twice faster. Description To promote hair growth and scalp health by outstanding ingredients. APPE is mixture of refined growth […]

Stem Cell Therapy

AAPE Stem Cells

AAPE STEM CELLS AAPE® Stem Cells are a Protein Extract of Human Adipose Tissue that contains +300 growth factors. It produces anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, depigmenting and hair-growth effects. How does treatment work? Treatment under AAPE`s approach will provide wonderful results through Cell Regeneration. The Medical Technician Miconeedles APPE into the skin by using a micro-invasion technique […]

stem cell therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy What is Stem Cell Therapy? Imagine a “chemical messenger” that can enter skin cells and send a signal, teaching it to be young again. In time, the skin will begin to feel naturally rejuvenated, tighter and younger without surgery. Superficial blemishes and pigmentation will reverse itself, leaving the complexion flawless and young. […]