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Stem Cell Therapy


AAPE® Stem Cells are a Protein Extract of Human Adipose Tissue that contains +300 growth factors. It produces anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, depigmenting and hair-growth effects.

How does treatment work?
Treatment under AAPE`s approach will provide wonderful results through Cell Regeneration.

The Medical Technician Miconeedles APPE into the skin by using a micro-invasion technique where wrinkles and spots are on face, neck, neckline, back of the hands and/or on scalp, in order to activate cell renovation.

What problems can be treated under AAPE’s approach?
AAPE Stem Cells are an extraordinary option to treat problems such as:

• Premature Skin Aging
• Spots
• Wrinkles and Expression Lines
• Hair growth

How long would results last?
Treatment is customized. Therefore, it will depend on pathologies or areas to be treated. According to number of applications, 3 to 6 sessions will be recommended. Treatment should be applied with 15 to 30 days in between.
Results will be 100% visible after the third session. Care is recommended to maintain the longest effects possible.

Stemcell Tech for ensuring skin cell and hair follicles regeneration and prompt restoration.
AAPE is a mixture of refined growth factor proteins that is extracted from human adipose-derived stem cells conditioned media. With its unique protein formula, AAPE maximizes the revitalizing effects of your skin and hair follicles.
Recommended by dermatologists and medical professionals worldwide.

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