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Native Collagen is further enhanced with pro-collagen activators which work synergistically to deliver collagen into the skin and promote collagen production.

Skin treated with the ELTRADERM Soluble Native Collagen undergoes an improvement in skin hydration, moisture-retention, resilience, density, texture, and clarity.

skincode exclusive

Skincode Exclusive
All products of the Skincode Exclusive collection contain the potent Active Cel­lular Regenerating Complex (ACR) – a complex of biologically active peptides and phytoestrogen.

The peptide ingredients help to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin while the phytoestrogen specifically improves firmness and vitality.

skincode essentials

Skincode Essentials
From cleansing and moisturizing to targeting specific skin concerns such as acne or pigmentation and uneven skin tone, Skincode Essentials offers a complete solution.

The entire collection contains a sophisticated blend of biotech ingredients, including a high percentage of the medical grade ingredient, CM-Glucan.

clearogen clarifying toner

Clearogen Clarifying Toner
Eliminates pore-clogging impurities allowing balanced oil production, while reducing redness, and irritation. Botanical extracts increase skin renewal for smoother skin.

Botanical extracts encourage skin renewal for a smoother skin texture and a clearer complexion. Prevent acne before it starts while healing the blemishes you already have.

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Clearogen Foaming Cleanser
The natural ingredients in Clearogen inhibit DHT and prevent acne development at the most vulnerable times: hormonal fluctuations such as puberty, menstrual cycles and stressful periods.

Clearogen Foaming Cleanser gently removes dirt, excess oil, make-up and bacteria that can cause acne. Active botanical extracts reduce inflammation and promote healing of the skin.

TIZO Tinted Lip Protection

TIZO Tinted Lip Protection
TIZO® Tinted Lip Protection is the ultimate lip protection without the use of chemical sunscreen filters. Using only Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, TIZO® Tinted Lip Protection reflects the sun away from one of the most sensitive areas, the lips. Gentle kiwi, lime and ginger flavors.

Helps prevent sunburn and decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun.

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TIZO Sunscreen

TiZO’s multiple Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide particle sizes are coated and structured to create a uniform layer of coverage that prevent UVA-UVB rays from reaching the skin, which inhibits pre-mature skin aging and the formation of free-radicals.
 TiZO uses the #1 rated sunscreen ingredients, as designated by the United States E.P.A. and Health Canada. 
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Revivogen MD
Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy provides a natural approach to hair loss, blocking the hormone closely associated with thinning hair.

Scientifically proven to reduce production of the hormone DHT (DiHydro-Testosterone), protecting the hair and reducing fallout. This safe and effective treatment helps ensure a thicker, fuller, healthier head of hair.

We are a professional Medical Clinic Specializing in Laser Hair Removal (Not IPL), Collagen Induction Therapy, PRP Therapy, Hemp Pain Relief, Hair Restoration, Chemical Peels, and other non-invasive Skin Rejuvenation Treatments. Your Medical Technician is OSMT Certified.

We treat all our patients with sensitivity and discretion and aim to develop treatment plans that work with each individual’s goals, lifestyle and budget. Ask about our discount on a series of treatments and procedures to help support your budget and desired goals. 

'I always talked about having my back Lasered and my sister referred me to West 5th. I was so nervous arriving for my first appointment. Once I arrived I felt relaxed, atmosphere was calming and Technician was very informative about my treatment. I highly recommend this place.'
'Saw Jo last week for some hair removal can’t wait till my next appointment. HAIR FREE here I come lol! Also people on my Christmas List are receiving Gift’s of hair free Certificates. My experience with Jo was top notch. Her Clinic is beautiful and relaxing. Great Gift idea for any occasion.'